1) All guns are always loaded.
2) Finger out of the trigger guard until the sights are on target.
3) Never allow the muzzle to point at anything you are not willing to destroy.
4) Know your target and what is beyond and around it.

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Courses Offered


Before you sign up for a class please be sure that you can attend the class. If you do not show up for the class there will not be a refund. If you ask for a refund thirty days prior to the class a full refund will be granted. Less than thirty days prior to a class a refund will only be given if your spot is filled. This policy is meant to be fair to all clients and BFT.  

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Basic Pistol
    This is a four hour class designed for the new gun owner or entry level shooter. There will be a two hour classroom session and a two hour range session that covers: safety, storage, loading, unloading, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, grip, malfunction reduction. Students will need 200 rounds of ammunition.

Intermediate Pistol
    This is a four hour class that is taught completely on the range. This class is about driving the gun with your vision, calling shots, snapping the eyes, reloads, malfunction reduction, drawstroke, multiple target engagement. If you have been shooting for a while but have not had any instruction this class will show you how to be fast and accurate for all practical applications. The skills taught in this class are the essentials of pistol shooting. If time allows in a particular class some aspects of shooting on the move will also be taught and practiced.

Instructional League
    The subject of this class is how to breakdown and shoot USPSA stages. For those wanting to improve their scores in USPSA shooting this is the place to do so. We shoot two field courses and one speed shoot per session, and unlike a match we shoot the stages twice. The session will be run like a match and scored like a match. Feedback will be provided on an individual basis and general comments and suggestions about breaking down the stage will be issued as well. The league will also be scored as a match.

Competition 101
    This class is an introduction to shooting USPSA. This class will include a classroom session that will cover the rules, scoring, gear, safety, classification, divisions and all the complexties of USPSA. There will be a range session that will include shooting USPSA stages. Shooters will get a feel for range commands and how USPSA matches work. This class will greatly reduce your learning curve for shooting USPSA.

Defensive Pistol
    This class is about the defensive use of the pistol and will include a classroom session on mindset, OODA loop, gear, storage, accessibility, methods of carry. The range segment will include drawstroke, reloads, malfunction reduction, threat scans, movement, live fire shooting drills. I recommend having taken Intermediate Pistol prior to taking this course, or have some significant shooting experience. This is not the place to learn how to shoot, but rather to add the correct tactics and mindset to your ability to shoot well.

Day of Private Instruction
This is a day where specialized, one on one instruction is available for any and all types of instruction is available. The instructor will prepare a customized lesson that addresses the shooters needs. Topics can range from

Private Instruction
All courses and material can be taught in a private or one on one session. Cost of private instruction depends upon the material, size of the group and the location of the training. 

   What To Bring To Class
Ear protection, eye protection, gun, *ammo, **holster, belt,  mag pouches, spare magazines, sunscreen, water, snacks, bug spray, rain gear, gun rug or case, open mind.

* Bring more than the recommended amount.
**Not required for Basic Class or Safe Shooting/Safe Gunhandling.
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