1) All guns are always loaded.
2) Finger out of the trigger guard until the sights are on target.
3) Never allow the muzzle to point at anything you are not willing to destroy.
4) Know your target and what is beyond and around it.

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Client Comments

"Twice you have shown me that I can do things that I did not believe I could do."
                                                                Bob F.

"I wish I had taken this class 18 months ago so I would not have as many bad habits to unlearn."
                                                                Jeff J.

"I was extremely impressed."
                                                                Catherine T.

"I thought that the way you set everything up on the range is perfect. I was nervous, but now feel comfortable shooting. Your observation was the most helpful part."
                                                                Heather C.

"Aron Bright put me on target and has kept me there."
                                                                Burl F.

"I have attended several of Aron's classes and found them very informative and helpful. He is very knowledgeable, has a comfortable teaching style, and communicates well. I recommend him for those wishing to learn more about the effective and safe use of firearms." 
                                                                Sara W.

"I took three classes from Aron “Coach” Bright and couldn’t be happier with the level of knowledge, competence, instructional ability and patience that he portrayed. He is a natural instructor, knowing which teaching methodology to use for each individual. He was extremely safety conscious, which is imperative when teaching individuals who may or may not have much experience with handguns. I will most assuredly continue to take Aron’s classes and actually repeat a class after practicing what was originally taught. I highly recommend Aron Bright to everyone from handgun beginners to all levels of competency.
By the way,two of those classes I took with my husband. He also thinks highly of Aron’s instructional quality."
                                                            Susie O.

"I recently took a safe gun handling class with Mr. Bright. I enjoyed every minute of it. He was knowledgeable and thorough. We covered a lot of material, but I never felt rushed. He was helpful without a trace of condescension. He not only told us HOW to do things, he also told us WHY we do them. I would highly recommend him for any training you may need."
                                                            Mary B.

"I had never shot a hand gun before taking one of Aron's shooting classes..Aron has a great way of training and making the classes enjoyable... Give him a shot, take a class."
                                                            Tom B.

"If I hadn't stumbled on to Aron's competition class I wouldn't be shooting USPSA today.Aron is a skilled and patient instructor that has a knack for seeing where your problems are and showing you how to fix them.My wife and daughters have taken several of Aron's beginning classes and I heard nothing but rave reviews.My family will be using his services in the future."
                                                    Jeff M.

"I have taken several defensive and competition handgun classes instructed by Aron (Coach). He has an excellent teaching style. He has helped me increase my proficiency and confidence with a hand gun to go from a D class novice shooter to B class in USPSA in a short amount of time. If your interests are competition or defensive, I would recommend any of the training classes he offers. Thanks Coach!"
                                                    Kevin W.

I have participated in several handgun courses taught by Aron where the attendee’s proficiency with firearms has varied from beginners to Master class shooters. Aron is the only instructor I have observed who can provide valuable instruction to such a wide range of skill levels. 
                                                   Chris S.

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